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Monday, December 6, 2010

Another Chance to Score

Neil Peart hasn't exactly had it easy. He lost his daughter to a car accident and then less than a year later, lost his wife to cancer. After that he basically told Geddy and Alex he was finished with Rush and went on a 55,000 mile motorcycle trip. Lucky for fans everywhere, Peart couldn't stay away and upon clearing his head and recovering somewhat, he told the guys he wanted to return to the studio. After not having played for quite some time, it took Peart a while to get his chops back, but holy hell did he ever and boom, 2002's "Vapor Trails." The opening track, "One Little Victory," is an amazing comeback for the band, with a blistering drum intro that just gets you pumped as hell for what's to come. The band's first studio album in 6 years, "Vapor Trails," rocks like nothing the band has done before.

Peart's writing is definitely dark and deals with some very dark subject matter, but it is a huge stepping stone in the band's career and what a way to open it. Metal fans should enjoy "One Little Victory," and Rush fans and Peart fans should be drooling. Call "Vapor Trails," one big-ass victory.