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Monday, March 21, 2011

The montage tune

For my montage for TV class I have been waffling with ideas for the past week. I did some filming over the weekend and only ended up with 15 minutes of footage, thus making that idea a complete cock-up and not exactly viable anymore. So I was going to go with plan A (what I did this past weekend was actually my second choice), which is to film myself drumming along with "Beneath, Between, and Behind," from "Fly By Night."

I was originally going to simply drum to it and maybe film the opening guitar lick, but film all of it from different angles and sink them up with shots and stuff. Then it occurred to me today in class that it may become rather boring if I simply do a drumming video. It would soon look like I'm reusing footage and for those who don't enjoy drumming, it would simply become tedious to look at. So, Dean gave me this awesome idea to film myself putting together the kit, which gave me the idea to throw in both playing and assembly. I think it's a pretty neat idea now and already have shots planned and way better ideas than I had. Thanks a bunch, Dean. 

Not only is "Beneath, Between, and Behind," my favourite tune off that album, but it's also just a rockin' tune in general. It's old Rush and still has that 70s feel where you can still hear some of their influences coming through. It was the first Rush tune I could ever drum all the way through and has a really interesting drum pattern and overall feel, with a bunch of musical shots that should give me some interesting options for cuts and whatnot. Looking forward to it now.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product Mike.
    It shall be interesting.
    Good song.
    For Rush.

  2. Hey now. You watch it, miss. I'll give you a right seeing to.