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Monday, April 18, 2011

Ain't no cure

Rush released a rather little-known cover album in 2004 titled "Feedback." It features songs from many of the band's influences, including the Who, the Yardbirds, and Buffalo Springfield, among others. One, by Eddie Cochran, and later covered by the Who, is "Summertime Blues."

I first came across this tune on Rush's 30th anniversary dvd "R30." I think, being this the last blog of the year, that "Summertime Blues," is a fitting tune even though it's only April. It begins with that classic opening and turns into that raucous, jovial riff, with awesome instrumentation by Rush. The trio comes together to build a great cover, and probably the best of their covers.

This tune completely embodies what I'm going to be feeling this summer (minus the getting a date part). It's all about having to work all summer, but really wanting to just enjoy yourself. I'm definitely thinking this is how I'll be feeling by mid-June. Given that I actually find a damn job. Then I'll be having the blues for the opposite reason. Either way, blues are forecast, but why not enjoy them along with Canada's best?

Whatever your mood this summer, take this tune with you, roll the windows down, crank it up, and piss off the old couple stopped next to you at a red. Enjoy.

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