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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Saturday night's alright for...

"Rush in Rio!" What do you do on a Saturday night when you've been ditched early and are bored enough to attempt to teach your dog English? I, for one, highly recommend Rush's DVD concert, "Rush in Rio." It features the band playing for 60 thousand screaming fans in, you guessed it, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2003.

I believe it was Rush's first time playing in Brazil, and the concert spans their career, featuring songs from many albums to that time. This concert comes out of Rush's "Vapor Trails," tour, after having called it quits five years earlier when Neil Peart quit after having lost his daughter in a car accident and his wife to cancer, all within a year. The band called it quits, and Peart did not so much as touch a stick for two years. But, he came back, the band recorded one of their best, and darkest albums ever, and the "Vapor Trails," tour kicked off in the States.

This concert was my very, very first Rush experience. It was during a drum lesson that my instructor, upon hearing I had never seen Neil Peart drum, decided to show me "YYZ," and a bit of "O Baterista," Peart's solo, from the concert. That has started a what-will-be lifelong love affair with the band and its music. Imagine being a 12 year old kid who's super into learning how to drum, and being taught about all the great drummers, sitting there and, for the first time, being introduced to my lord and saviour, Neil Peart. What a motivator for a young kid.

So if you ever have the chance, check out "Rush in Rio," because the energy of the crowd and the prowess of the band form a beautiful synergy that is hard to match.

Check out the crowd in this one. There's something about 60 thousand people jumping in unison that is simply amazing and powerful. So many people brought together by music. Wow.

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  1. Is it wrong that after watching that, I feel like watching football?

    And I learned how to play the drums at 12 too! *high five*